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Want to book in a custom tattoo? need more information? Email me directly! 

 I usually reply within a few days, be patient I'm a solo operation.

Include details like: Theme, Size in inches, Location and Include some reference photos!

Untitled (30 × 48 in) (Presentation (169

Schedule a free 20 min consultation to discuss your tattoo concepts!

Chad loves discussing tattoo ideas in person.

 These sessions are perfect for clarifying details and addressing any questions you might have before committing to a tattoo session.

Ideal for designs under 3 inches or just a few words.

If you're looking for something simple and small, book a session now. these quick and straightforward sessions are designed to bring your vision to life efficiently.

I will review all bookings and email you if there are any issues or further clarifications needed

Book Online Now

Fit And Flow Tattoos

12 Ella Ln , Unit 201 (second floor)

Bedford, NS B4B 2J6

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