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Fit And Flow Tattoos

Exclusively designed to flow with your body’s natural lines and curves

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Transform Your Body
With Masterful Black & White Tattoos
Masterful Black and White Tattoo
Artistry by Chad Harrington

Discover the perfect balance of art and alignment with Chad Harrington at Fit and Flow Tattoos. Specializing in black and white tattoos, Chad excels in designs that not only echo the natural flow of your body but also enhance its contours with precise, striking details. From elegant floral and animal motifs to intricate geometric patterns, each tattoo is a bespoke creation, crafted to be a timeless addition to your body. Embrace a tailored tattoo experience where care, quality, and craftsmanship come together to celebrate your unique personality.

Why Choose Fit and Flow Tattoos?

At Fit and Flow Tattoos, you'll discover that every tattoo is a personal journey tailored to fit your unique story. Here’s why you should consider choosing Chad Harrington for your next tattoo:

  • Experienced Artistry: With over 7 years dedicated to tattooing and a broader artistic background, I bring both passion and deep insight to every piece.

  • Personalized Consultations: I take the time to listen and provide artistic guidance to enhance your ideas, ensuring the final design perfectly aligns with your expectations.

  • Upscale Studio Environment: My studio is modern, clean, and bright, housed in a new  building—crafted for comfort and privacy.

  • Private and Respectful: Your sessions are conducted in a private space, ensuring comfort and privacy, allowing for a personal and respectful tattooing experience.

  • Commitment to Satisfaction: I prioritize honest and clear communication, never rushing decisions or pressuring clients. My goal is to collaboratively refine your vision into a tattoo you will cherish.

  • Safety First: My studio upholds the highest standards of cleanliness and uses top-grade sanitation and sterilization processes to ensure your safety and well-being.

My Clients Say


"Highly recommend Chad! Not only did he make me feel comfortable right from the start when doing my first tattoo, but he's a highly skilled artist who you can put your trust in to make something beautiful. I have had so many people compliment his linework and attention to detail. We always had such lovely chats during my appointments!"


Small / Simple Tattoo Session

For those times when you want something smaller. Perfect for small symbols, a few meaningful words, or classic designs, each session is designed to be quick yet fulfilling, combining a brief consultation with tattooing in a single visit.

  • Ideal for smaller designs that make a statement with elegance and simplicity.

  • Enjoy a seamless 90-minute session that includes both a consult discussion and tattooing.

  • Experience the same high standards of cleanliness, comfort, and artistic quality service.

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I found my calling in tattooing in 2015 and have been passionately pursuing it ever since! 

My specialties include nature, animal, and floral imagery as well as ornamental and geometric designs such as filigrees and mandalas. I excel in black and grey dot shading tattoos, striving for a perfect balance of skin tone and black ink.


I am focusing on creating large custom pieces that fit and flow with the body's shape. because I believe tattoos should complement the body and be easily recognizable from a distance. 

Interests and hobbies include: Enjoying nature, sailing, playing instruments, touring and recording music, fabrication and customizing cars, logging and milling, country life, city life. and so much more !

Fit And Flow Tattoos

12 Ella Ln , Unit 201 (second floor)

Bedford, NS B4B 2J6

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