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Why I Don't Offer Script Tattoos

As a tattoo artist, I've have had many clients come to me with requests for script or word tattoos. While I understand the appeal of this type of tattoo, I have chosen not to offer script tattoos for several reasons.

1. I Want Tattoos to Look Great! : One of my primary concerns as a tattoo artist is to create pieces of art that look great on the body. I believe that script tattoos rarely complement the body's shape and can actually detract from its natural lines and curves.

2. Risk of Warping Over Time: Another concern with script tattoos is their risk of warping over time as the body changes. As people age and their skin shifts, script tattoos can become distorted and lose their original appearance. This can be especially problematic for script tattoos that are often applied in straight lines, as these are the most susceptible to warping. In contrast, organic shapes are much more forgiving and are less likely to be affected by changes in the body's shape.

3. High Demand for Cover-Ups: One of the biggest reasons script tattoos are so commonly asked to be covered is because they can become dated or no longer meaningful as people's lives change. Script tattoos are very literal and hard to re interoperate. People tend to outgrow the literal meaning of their tattoos, or they may simply tire of the look of the lettering over time. As a result, it's one of the most common coverups I am asked to do.

4. Its my Personal Preference: I simply do not find script tattoos particularly attractive. As an artist, I want to create tattoos that I am proud of and that I believe look great on the body. I believe that script tattoos do not achieve this balance, and as such, I am not able to objectively assist a client in determining whether a script tattoo will look good on them or not. There are many artists out there who are happy to do script tattoos or even specialize. So it's best to find them. They will have more creative ideas around text tattoos.

While I get the appeal of script tattoos, I choose not to offer this type of work. By avoiding script tattoos, I can ensure that my clients receive high-quality tattoos that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, showcasing my commitment to creating beautiful pieces of art that complement the body and last a life time!

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